Week 4: Learning the golden rules of photojournalism

Naz putting her freshly learnt photography skills into practice

Naz putting her freshly learnt photography skills into practice

This week we were paired up to cover articles on social enterprises, which are not-for-profit organisations with a charitable aim.

Over the period of two days we worked with Zoe, the photography trainer to get feedback on the previous week’s photos and learnt the golden rules of photo journalism.

We all learnt about shot composition, lighting, focus and when to use flash on a digital camera. Zoe introduced another photographer called Jonathan who will be the photography trainer for the last two weeks.

We were all paired up in teams made up of a photographer and a writer. After being allocated a social enterprise to research, we all went off to interview and photograph them in our teams.

Andre, Michelle and I visited Get More Bikes, Danielle went to speak to the SOS project at St Giles Trust and Zoe and Kimberly interviewed Carole Brown at St Giles Trust.

One of the photography skills I learnt was how to focus on my iphone. During visiting Get More Bikes unfortunately my camera died and I had to take photographs on my iphone. That’s the first golden rule of photography broken…always ensure your camera is fully charged and ensure that you always carry spare batteries just in case!

As much as I love my iphone, unfortunately it’s not my camera. I’ve lived and learnt and have now purchased some rechargeable batteries and a charger to ensure that I’m never caught unaware again!


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