Interviews, Round 2! (Week 5)

By Kimberly Lopez

Kimberly and Michelle interviewing Chloe Davies

Kimberly and Michelle interviewing Chloe Davies. Photo by Craig Temperly

This week everyone was focused on interviewing new charities and social enterprises for the Big Issue Online Journalists blog and I interviewed Chloe Davies, a Community Manager for Room To Heal.

Room To Heal is a London based charity and healing community for refugees and asylum seekers, who have survived torture and other forms of organised violence.

Preparing for a successful interview

Last week I learnt how to approach an interviewee in a friendly and well respectful manner, by interviewing Carole Brown at St Giles Trust. While the interview went well unfortunately I made a few silly mistakes (Like not switching the dictaphone on!!!), so this week was all about building on that experience.

I got Michelle to help me research Room To Heal online and we were able to get a good understanding of how the organization helps refugees. I then wrote some simple questions for the interview, focusing on Chloe’s role in the organisation and her personal account of how the charity helps asylum seekers.

The Interview

Chloe Davies was a friendly, outgoing and understandable interviewee who made my job easy by answering my questions articulately and with a real passion for what the charity does. It was easy to see that she really enjoys working for Room to Heal and helping people to rehabilitate their lives.

Personally I think the interview was a success, as I managed to write a really good article and Craig took some really great photographs of Chloe. The interview taught me that preparation is key, as I knew exactly what I was meant to be doing and I didn’t waste time trying to think of what to ask next.

To find out about Room To Heal read my article Room to Heal gives asylum seekers a voice

Or visit Room To Heal’s website

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