Rosie freelancing futures (Week 6)

By Amaan

Rosie Spinks sharing her freelance writing knowledge and experience

Rosie Spinks sharing her freelance writing knowledge and experience

As I write this, I am aware that the afternoon wanes- the last afternoon I will spend as a trainee of this course. The last six weeks has featured insights in so many differing perspectives of the media; through the writing and photography training.

Following up from last week’s Reuters-recommendations regarding the tricky issue of utilizing social media as a professional, this week focused on tackling the subject of Brand Me.

Careers in any ‘creative industry’ have been opened up to the world through the internet. This week’s training focused on the new code of freelancing that has come to the fore. Writers and Photographers have a new need and ability to self-publish on subjects that matter to them, while writing for other publications. Traditional media such as print journalism have found the need to integrate social media into their operations as Newspaper sales have declined. The move of the world from page to online has leveled the playing field somewhat, while removing the notion of a career journalist.

Rosie Spinks would say that the blogosphere has given empassioned people an edge in the age-old craft of story-telling, and have given charitable organizations to a better position to contribute to the media . Her project (  started through voluntary work at the North London Action for the Homeless project in Hackney. She found herself encountering fascinating individuals with multitudinous stories relating a real variety of insights. Deciding to collaborate with an illustrator to tell these lesser-known stories brought about the blog’s conception.

She said that her dream as a writer would involve ‘Travelling around the world, speaking to the people she encountered who were the least like her’

Her message was optimistic- as has been the course as a whole. Her project has brought her contacts and freelance work and she seemed convinced that the key was following her passion in her writing. She is also a keen follower of the technological developments which are continuing to shape our world in new and interesting ways, for which she writes in GOOD magazine. I sincerely hope she was correct- seeing social enterprise pioneers and service users working in parallel trying to find answers, it seems like a fair story.

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