Week 1 – New intake of Big Issue Online Journalists in Dalston

A new session of The Big Issue Online Journalism Course started on 13 February 2014 at the Elise Centre in Dalston with nine new students, including myself.  On the first day we had an introduction to the tutors Charles, Glenn and Zoe and also an overview of what we would hopefully be learning on the course.

In the morning we all paired up and interviewed each other to find out basic personal information such as where we come from, what experience we have in writing and photography and what we hope to get out of the course.  We also covered methods and mediums of communication and feedback and looked at some examples of successful and not-so-successful communication.

We then had an introduction to the Answers From The Big Issue site which promotes social enterprise, and were told that hopefully by the end of the course we will be capable of writing articles for the site.

In the afternoon we learned the basic tenets of a good news report and how to write a concise NIB (news in brief).

On Friday afternoon we all worked on our individual NIBs and downloaded them to the course blog and also received our schedules for the six week course.

More news from the course next week!

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    This is the first weekly blog that I wrote on my Big Issue Online Journalism course – I volunteered to write it because no one else would!!

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