Clissold Park Celebrating 125 Years

A park in Hackney’s Stoke Newington will celebrate  it’s 125 year anniversary in July. The Clissold Park Users Group is eager to hear from people with ideas to mark the event, or want to get involved in the organization.

Some interesting suggestions came up, when talking to some local residents and users of Clissold Park.

Adam Grice, a technician and radio presenter from Dalston, said: “They should have theatre and sports games from 125 years ago with a modern twist. Actually, find out who was top of the hit parade back then and get a local grime artist to play all the old hits and do cover versions.”

A slightly different take from Dan Hart, a drama teacher and event manager living in Stoke Newington, who said: “Bring back Stokefest, but just with local schools and artists and performers so it doesn’t get too packed. You could have an all day theatre performance covering theatre of the last 125 years and base it around local themes and history. So from the Quakers and slums to the yummy mummies and err slums.”

In a discussing with a group of dog walkers it was alleged that the festival was stopped because it became “too big,” as it had been “too widely advertised.” There were too many people, causing all sorts of problems, and “they were searching people as they went in.” But it would be good to have it back in a different form.

When talking to people, a festival type of event seems to be the re-occurring theme, as with Ed Giles, a designer from Stoke Newington, who suggested: “They should have something like the old festivals, they were great: carnival vibes, music and stages. What better than a massive party. For the kids you could have deer and goat races, like the old donkey derbies.”

However, Andy Brown, who’s 82-years-old and has been coming to the park for 15 years for a walk: “I knew the anniversary was this year, but have no idea what they’re planning to do. I wish they’d finish building the tennis courts. I’ll probably just celebrate it by having an afternoon walk.”

For more information visit:

Or if you have an idea to celebrate the parks anniversary email:


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    Impressed by this too.

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