Week 1: My first blog – EVER

Day One, and this is my first blog – EVER. I have started the Big Issue online journalist-training course that is being run by Poached Creative in Dalston. First impressions were of a relaxed atmosphere belying a sense of urgency, as was proved to be the case. In the morning we went through the theory; communication skills, media law, social media, etc., then in the afternoon we quickly moved on to the practical.

I have never spent so much concentration on doing my fifty-word NIB (news in brief), which are extracted from press releases, interviews and articles. That is if you are lucky enough to find anything there! But the main feeling that I picked up on through out the day was the keen motivation of the other trainees and our tutors. By the end there was a tangible feeling of teamwork having been created by us having got stuck in and long may it continue…

John Watts



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One response to “Week 1: My first blog – EVER

  1. Great work, keep it up. I took the course a couple of months ago and it did a lot to improve my writing skills, knowledge of photography and awareness of the world of journalism.

    You have some great tutors with Glenn, Zoe et. al.

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