A very rare event – A blog by John Watts

John WattsFirst rule of journalism – Don’t write about yourself! But in this case it will be impossible not to…

Last Friday I was invited to the St Mungo’s/Broadway Achievement Awards. As I am training with the Big Issue online journalists, I thought it would be a good idea to cover it, as they helped me get on the course.

I arrived at the event with notepad, pen, phone/camera and voice recorder, diligent trainee that I am. To my surprise and shock I discovered was the recipient of two awards and was left in a rather peculiar situation of trying to cover a story/article I was in!

I sat and listened to speeches by staff and other recipients about their work and achievements in a state of total bewilderment and failed to take any notes or take any photographs!

When my moment came and I was invited to speak I didn’t know what to say, which as anyone who knows me is in itself a very rare event but I finally managed to blabber something about being there as a Big Issue online journalist. Then amongst the handshakes and photos, I failed to even thank them.

Afterwards I had a little chat with some of the other recipients, most I know personally, and who were greatly amused at my predicament. Between the smiles and the feeling of empathy it dawned on me just how much we all owed to the staff for their hard work, dedication and above all patience.

The St Mungo’s/Broadway Press Office have been in touch and are providing me with the award statements and photos, so that I can write up my piece with some degree of objectivity. As always, they are helping me again! So this time I will remember to thank them properly for this very rare event.



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