Week 3: Photography week blog

Pic: Patrick. Frances out on location in Central London.

Pic: Patrick. Frances out on location in Central London.

By Frances Deacon

Since starting the course I have hardly been able to contain my excitement about photography week, as I have only recently gotten into photography I knew I was going to learn a lot and pick up some awesome tips along the way.

First up was a quiz containing a series of questions with some fancy words I hadn’t a clue what they meant. Luckily I had two photographers on my team who had a fair idea of things like ‘the golden ratio’. I now know this is when you divide the composition of the photograph into thirds. I also learnt about shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

After the quiz we were told we were going on a trip to the photographers gallery the following day, as the current exhibition was inspired by local Ridley Road market in Dalston, by photographer Lorenzo Vitturi.

Lorenzo Vitturi documents all of his work using photography, so at the editorial meeting our challenge was to visit the market to practice with our cameras and to come up with a theme for our own mini projects. I got stuck straight in testing out some of my new tips. 

Photo credit - Frances

Pic: Frances

Visiting the market there was a lot to see and chose from and thinking of a theme was hard. I wanted to photograph all the stalls and different things, so decided to chose an open theme and picked the colour green.

I took snaps of everything green that I see and thought I had a variety of shots but upon review I decided that only a few of the photographs fitted my criteria. So I went back out with a new set of instructions and my pictures instantly became more interesting. 

After some practice I even worked out how to use macro properly (flower button) and showing off my skills I took a really good picture of my photography mentor Adele in focus with the background blurred.

Friday was our visit to the Photographers gallery, looking at the colourful, bright Ridley Road project by Lorenzo Vitturi, which made exploring the gallery really fun.

We were also told to chose a picture that caught our eye, so later on we could copy the composition. I chose a photo of a woman with a bag under her arm.  The camera was close to the floor looking up towards the sky.  It took a few attempts but I eventually got the angle right.

Another highlight at the Photographers Gallery was a camera obscura on the third floor. After walking into the room, I looked through the hole in the wall then turning around realised the image was projected onto a white board in the dark room, with the image appearing upside down. The 360 degree image projected of the road to the sky was fascinating and moving the board changed the depth of field and effected the size and focus.

I had a great week!  Not only did I learn some really useful tips, putting them into practice has made me change the way I think about and take photographs.  I’m surprised how much such a little thing can make such a difference to taking a photo.

Getting to go on the trip to the gallery helped inspire my work and it is another attraction in London for me to visit again, especially as it is free!


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