Profits from music single to support the Big Issue online journalists!

By Rooney John

Poached Creative received an unexpected but very welcome gift, from renowned blues artist Mete Ege, who decided to contribute all proceeds of his single Ghosts of London to the social enterprise.

Mete was inspired to generously support the social enterprise after meeting John Watts, a recent graduate of the Big Issue Online Journalism Programme; which helps homeless and unemployed people get a head-start in the creative industries.

The song draws from Mete’s own experience of sleeping rough in the capital: “Knowing that the money from the sales will be used to train homeless people feels right. Everyone deserves a chance to break the vicious cycle.”

The single was released in early December last year, following the release of Mete’s debut album “London Blues”, which blends genres such as, Rock, Jazz and Fusion earlier in the same year. And you can check out Mete’s single – which is pretty fantastic – on ITunes.

Jessica Smith, director of Poached Creative, said they will reinvest any proceeds generated to support current and prospective trainees: “We were surprised and very pleased when Mete offered his support to our training and mentoring. So it is great to see someone who’s established in their career giving something back”

Having recently completed the Big Issue Online Journalists Programme and experienced homelessness I think it is great that the theme of the single is bringing some awareness to the problem and will ultimately have a positive impact on people experiencing homelessness, or have experienced it in the past.

I found myself homeless after the police rather heavy-handedly and somewhat unnecessarily demolished my front door. Upon finding this out my landlord decided to evict me and shortly after I served a short prison sentence and had nowhere to go after my release.

Fortunately, I was never reduced to living rough on the streets, but I sofa-surfed for the next 18 months. I found this an unsuitable situation for me to be in, as the vast majority of the people I stayed with were criminals with drug habits to support. Trying to stay clean was an uphill battle for me and it was only when I started staying with relatives that my life started to get back on an even keel. Soon after I luckily managed to get a place in a hostel, where I have resided for the last 9 months.

Doing the course was a great experience for me. Not only did it do wonders for my confidence I was also able to work with and learn from the other trainees and course tutors.

I feel very privileged and grateful that Poached Creative gave me the opportunity to do the course, as it reignited my passion for learning and I was sorry when the six week course ended. However Poached Creative has offered me a day a week work experience in the office and I look forward to learning more about journalism and copywriting.

To find out about the other great work Poached Creative are doing alongside the Big Issue online journalism programme visit our main website


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