Bill’s Wheels 2015 blog


By Bill Webb

Having looked at the vintage cars and then the super cars at the second Bournemouth Wheels Festival I decided to check out something quieter and more environmentally friendly.

Team Extreme, a group of highly talented, brave and a little crazy roller bladders, 4inch wheel scooterists and BMX riders.  My first contact was with Danny Aldridge, 4 times British roller blade champion.  Danny has been part of the team for 18 years having been spotted when he was 10 years old.  One of the highlights of his career was at the NAS Festival in 2010 when he was awarded the Richard Taylor Memorial Trophy for completing a 180 back flip between the ramps.

Throughout his career Danny has suffered various injuries which he considers normal, the worst being a fall several years ago resulting in smashed front teeth broken pallet, jaw, cheek bone, eye socket and collar bone.  He also passed out in mid air at his first show with the team and was unconscious for 35 minutes due to heat exhaustion and dehydration.

After talking with Danny who is the longest serving member of the team I got the chance for a few words with BMX rider Harry Boucher the newest member of the team. Local boy Harry who is from Wareham became part of the team after being spotted during the public sessions at last year’s Wheels Festival.

Harry has been riding BMX for about 5 years having been inspired by the X-Games and Mark Webb.  His bike frame is standard although he does make some modifications and produces his own stem bolts.

At this point the heavens opened and we ran for cover.

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