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Bounce Back, helping ex-offenders into work


Pic: Anil: Just like it says on the tin

By Ebony Ali

Bounce back is a painting and decorating charity and social enterprise that helps ex-offenders get back on their feet having completed their sentence.

The charity was set up in 2010 by Francesca Findlater as a means of giving back to the community by training and finding work for ex offenders. The charity trains them to become painters and decorators working anything from people’s homes till large commercial buildings. Continue reading

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First Day at The Big Issue Training Course

The Big Issue has teamed up with Poached Creative in order to offer some fortunate candidates the opportunity to be a part of a six week training programme. 


Our first task involved interviewing the person sat next to us as an ice-breaker, this gave us the opportunity to practice our interview skills as well as getting to know the other person.

I interviewed Tobias who works for Poached Creative and sought out information about him such as; where he lived and why he had come on the course. One of the reasons Tobias gave me was ‘to get paid.’ He said that he enjoyed his job as it was fun.

The photography tutor, Zoe went through a task of exploring the different ways of communication, some of the ways of communication that were listed were; video, photography, text and audio.

We then listed the different mediums  that are used to communicate such as; print, online, television and radio.

Glenn, who was leading the session spoke to us about shorthand and how it was very useful for a journalist but incredibly difficult to learn, I was disappointed as a journalism student myself, I hadn’t been taught short-hand so I was interested to learn it, however there isn’t enough time on the course to do so.

We then looked at leaflets and talked about what we thought of them, in terms of the layout and design.

Towards the end of the day we created profiles for the audience of the Big Issues Answers page where people can write in with their comments and feedback of the magazine. As a team we hoped that the audience would find the magazine inspirational and as a source of hope. I paired up with Glenn and we created a profile of a member of staff at a charity or social enterprise called Sarah. This was the part that I really enjoyed as we had to create her character and include important facts about her.

Finally, in order to prepare for the next day we began by doing NIBs, what this stands for is News In Brief.

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