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Year Here, developing the social stars of the future

Year Here's Michael Simpson

Pic: Ve. Michael Simpson, Year Here, Partnership Manager

By Patrick Chike

Year Here is about bringing brilliant graduates into the social sector to help tackle social problems.

The social enterprise was founded by Jack Graham in 2012, but was officially launched at 10 Downing Street a year later. His vision for this organisation is to get young men and women to address their mind to the most pressing social issues of our day with a view to finding alternative solutions. 

We had an interview with Michael Simpson, the Partnership Manager, who was very glad to tell us everything about the organisation; from its origins, purposes, how it operates and there future plans. Continue reading


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Week 3: Photography week blog

Pic: Patrick. Frances out on location in Central London.

Pic: Patrick. Frances out on location in Central London.

By Frances Deacon

Since starting the course I have hardly been able to contain my excitement about photography week, as I have only recently gotten into photography I knew I was going to learn a lot and pick up some awesome tips along the way.

First up was a quiz containing a series of questions with some fancy words I hadn’t a clue what they meant. Luckily I had two photographers on my team who had a fair idea of things like ‘the golden ratio’. I now know this is when you divide the composition of the photograph into thirds. I also learnt about shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Continue reading

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Week 3: Photography day 1

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September 21, 2014 · 9:04 am

A new dawn for cyclists in London

DSCF1008 2

Pic: Ve Perryman. Mary, a hairdresser from Hackney is enthusiastic about proposed development of cycle superhighway, but is upset that Hackney is again missed out.

That the planned cycle superhighway recently announced by Mayor Boris Johnson will not pass through Hackney was received by local residents with mixed responses according to a recent survey.

Public consultation for the project which involves the construction of a 21 mile route for the exclusive use of cyclist to run north-south from Elephant & Castle to Kings Cross and east-west from Barking to Acton starts today.  Continue reading

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Europe to project its Third Sector

Europe wants to promote the profile of its Third Sector, which includes activities like: cooperatives, mutual, child and elderly care, education and sports, human rights and civil action.

To achieve this, a commission was constituted, made up of 25 researchers from 10 European universities and 100 stakeholders from the Third Sector Impact (TSI) project. They were charged with looking into the workings of the Third Sector in 10 European countries, collate their findings and present them in such a way that will make their activities ‘more visible across Europe’.

The commission will start work from April –June 2014.

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