Quotes from our trainees

“The training was incredible and the efforts of all those who contributed much appreciated.” Andre

“Very good – Helpful in providing a hands on active course that met my needs and expectations and the needs of others. It was highly personalised and interesting.” Amaan

“It taught me to go for what I want.” Naz

“I felt we were working as a team. They let me initiate my own stories as long as it fitted into the Big Issue itself.” Danielle Aumond

“Training like this is not available anywhere. This is really good because it’s hands on as well as the written part of it.  I’ve learnt a hell of a lot in a short period of time.” Anil

“I didn’t realise that I was able to do this as a career. I like writing and this course has made me realise that I could do it.” Martin

“it’s given me a little bit more confidence in terms of working with the camera. It’s given me a bit more of an aim now, in terms of what I want to do. I’ve got a bit more focus in terms of where I want to go with it.  It’s given me direction. “ Dave

“it’s given me a routine.  It has given me a routine in the day time. To get up early in the morning, get on the train. I need structure in the daytime.  That’s lacking.  If I am committed it helps me in the day.” Anil

“I’m stepping back into the right zone of getting back to work. Freelancing is difficult. This is good for networking, getting back with people, seeing how different people work and getting good good feelings about yourself.” Chris


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