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Bikeworks, helps get people moving again


Pic: Dave Barrett: Jim Blakemore (far left) started up Bikeworks to help marginalised groups get new skills and into work

By Martin Kitara

Bikeworks was set up in 2007 . The founding partners Jim Blakemore and Zoe Portlock developed Bikeworks  came up with the idea ater they saw strong potential for cycling to make a positive difference to the lives of people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The two partners were joined by Dave Miller, who was developing a similar enterprise in East London. After meeting, Jim and Dave decided that they could achieve more by working together and this lead to the growth of the successful business operating today.

Bikeworks delivers its mission through a variety of community cycling programmes including employability for disadvantaged groups, all ability cycling, ReUse and recycling, schools cycle training and much more. As an organization, it provides cycling services to both consumers and organizations. Continue reading

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