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Prison proves good for business

“Eradicate [the] discrimination that business shows towards offenders” says Dennis Phillips of the nationwide Timpson Foundation, which provides employment opportunities for offenders. The private company has an enviable track record in preventing re-offending and last week Phillips added “we’re simply looking for people with fantastic personalities.”


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Generation Hackney, opening up the world of work to young people

Picture: Ian Aitken - The studio where Generation Hackney is based

Picture: Ian Aitken – The studio where Generation Hackney is based

By Samuel Hooper

The thirty-year-old founder of Generation Hackney rises eagerly to greet us as we arrive, picking his way forward through the studio he shares with an eclectic mix of social entrepreneurs earnestly tapping away on laptops, sipping coffee or mending bicycles in the corner.

From his hotdesk in Hackney, armed only with a MacBook, a mobile phone and his unshakeable optimism, Richard Hearn is trying to improve the lives of disaffected school-leavers struggling with the transition from education into work. “I left my job [working as a volunteer mentor coordinator for a large charity] in November and just went for it. And this is where I am now,” he explains. Continue reading


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Bounce Back, helping ex-offenders into work


Pic: Anil: Just like it says on the tin

By Ebony Ali

Bounce back is a painting and decorating charity and social enterprise that helps ex-offenders get back on their feet having completed their sentence.

The charity was set up in 2010 by Francesca Findlater as a means of giving back to the community by training and finding work for ex offenders. The charity trains them to become painters and decorators working anything from people’s homes till large commercial buildings. Continue reading

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St Giles Trust, breaking the cycle of re-offending



Pic: Danielle Aumond


By Danielle Aumond

Making my way through winding turns of tower blocks, I navigate towards a small office tucked away underneath the A40 flyover. I have an appointment with one of St.Giles Trust’s clients.

Sheriff is 16 years old. He came out of prison three months ago. This time around it was for ABH (actual bodily harm). He’s been ‘away’ twice before this sentence or ‘bird’ as he calls it.

“I was involved in a gang in West London, which I joined when I was 13-years old.  I didn’t see it as a gang. It was more like a group of friends that I got along with,” Sheriff explains. Continue reading

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St Giles Trust: Supporting ex-offenders back into employment

By Kimberly

Skills and Employment manager Carole Brown helps ex offenders prepare for employment

Skills and Employment manager Carole Brown helps ex offenders prepare for employment

St Giles Trust helps former prisoners break the cycle of committing crime, going to prison, committing crime and back to prison again for many years now, but recently set-up a special Skills and Employment department to help ex-offenders back into work, Kimberly Lopez went to find out more.

St Giles Trust have set-up a new scheme to support former prisoners into employment whilst learning new skills. Caseworkers, or peer advisers, are allocated to help the ex-offenders rebuild their confidence and self esteem to help them get, and stay, in employment after assessing their needs, background and current situation. Continue reading

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