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Evergreening the elderly, the story of Rootless Garden

Pic: Frances. The Rootless Garden team; Daniela Cabral, Nadia Daghistani and Indie Shergill.

By Adrian Whyatt.

A day centre garden once in need of some fresh energy is now surrounded by a riot of colourful pots and plants in full bloom. And happy smiling members.

How did this come about?

A small group of gardeners from the centre joyously painted and planted them, with support, tuition and materials from Rootless Garden. The social enterprise goes into care homes, day centres, churches and other places where the elderly meet, such as social clubs and pubs. They bring gardening projects into these settings.

Rootless Garden are ‘micropreneurs’: a tiny entrepreneurial company. They registered last year as a company and have two directors and co-founders, Nadia Daghistani and Indie Shergill. Daniela Cabral, their Business Development Associate is working there for 3 months. Continue reading

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