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Week 5: Trainees at work, photos by Chris

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Week 4: Case studies and interviewing social enterprises

Pic: Chris Cain. Oxford Street

Pic: Chris Cain. Oxford Street

By Chris Cain


Today we started by looking at ‘case studies’, which is a more relaxed way of telling a story. They prove very useful to charities and social enterprises because they focus on either one person, or a project, within a wider story. They inform and educate the audience simply and accurately.

Our journalism tutor Glenn took us through interviewing techniques, which was extremely worthwhile as there is a lot to consider before, during and after an interview. i.e. preparation; such as your questions, journey planning, timings and the approach you take during the interview.

Our photography tutor Zoe also did something similar with regard to photography, again emphasising the importance of doing your research first, along with your writing partner, so that the images taken at the interview are appropriate and that they are in context to the wider story. Continue reading

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Year Here, developing the social stars of the future

Year Here's Michael Simpson

Pic: Ve. Michael Simpson, Year Here, Partnership Manager

By Patrick Chike

Year Here is about bringing brilliant graduates into the social sector to help tackle social problems.

The social enterprise was founded by Jack Graham in 2012, but was officially launched at 10 Downing Street a year later. His vision for this organisation is to get young men and women to address their mind to the most pressing social issues of our day with a view to finding alternative solutions. 

We had an interview with Michael Simpson, the Partnership Manager, who was very glad to tell us everything about the organisation; from its origins, purposes, how it operates and there future plans. Continue reading

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Interviews, Round 2! (Week 5)

By Kimberly Lopez

Kimberly and Michelle interviewing Chloe Davies

Kimberly and Michelle interviewing Chloe Davies. Photo by Craig Temperly

This week everyone was focused on interviewing new charities and social enterprises for the Big Issue Online Journalists blog and I interviewed Chloe Davies, a Community Manager for Room To Heal.

Room To Heal is a London based charity and healing community for refugees and asylum seekers, who have survived torture and other forms of organised violence. Continue reading

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