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Chris’s story

By Martin Kitara

Before joining the Big Issue online journalists Chris had only sporadic periods of employment. He discovered the course following advice from a friend who had taken part in the training and thought that Chris would benefit from it.

Chris has been a keen photographer since 17, but at that point he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. More recently photography has become more important to him and he started thinking about having a job which involved taking pictures for a living.

Since completing the Big Issue Online Journalism course Chris has been working freelance on a film project for Mediorite and on various market research assignments. He said: “Discovering Poached has really been good for me. I met Jess [Director, Poached Creative] and Lucy [Director, Mediorite]. I learnt more skills in photography which was helpful. I also met new people.”

Chris really appreciates what he’s learnt at Poached. Chris said: “It is important to get out there and take opportunities regardless whether you are marginalised or not. It’s about putting yourself forward to create opportunities for yourself and doing things you are interested in with a group of people with similar interests. This gives you a push and motivates you to do stuff. When you don’t believe in yourself you get lazy. If you’re unemployed it is a chance to rediscover yourself.”

Since the training Chris has discovered the importance of keeping busy with work. He films and edits for market research companies, charities and is continuing with photography as a personal hobby.

Chris is passionate about the work he’s doing now. He enjoys the process of filming, editing and camera work. He likes the films he’s making because they are trying to make a change.

He hopes to continue making films for charities in London, making a successful living with a decent portfolio. He still has aspirations to do more ‘art-house’ work and wants to apply the skills he has learnt to different avenues. Chris says: “I enjoy photography the most because it gives you a strong feeling straight away. Filming is more diluted but is becoming more and more important.”

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Dalston cinema’s art-house programming under threat

Pic: Chris Evans: The art-deco cinema's art-house programming could disappear after art funding was cut

Pic: Chris Evans: The art-deco cinema’s art-house programming could disappear as revenues decline

By Martin Kitara

The Rio cinema on Kingsland High Street is facing threat to its diverse programming and needs to improve its financial position over the coming months. It is urging film fans to visit and see films there more often.

The management at Rio Cinema on Kingsland High Street recently denied reports that it was in danger of closure by stating “we can inform you that we’re not going to close anytime soon” but appreciated the concern and interest.

Known for catering to art house film fans, the local cinema still survives today despite the widespread decline in art funding.

The cinema would also like to start renovations to the wonderful Grade-II listed iconic building.

The cinema, built in 1909, is known for its distinctive art deco interior and has a licensed Cafe. The Rio which is a charity provides affordable cinema access for older people, those hard of hearing, children and community groups and supports the diverse cultural needs of the local population through film screenings and special events.

Although the surrounding area has seen extensive regeneration in recent years, the Rio cinema building still fits in well amongst the mishmash of buildings and forms one of the main features of the High Street. It is impossible to walk through Kingsland High Street without noticing it near Dalston Kingsland Station.

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