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Housing campaigners call on MPs to vote to block retaliatory evictions


Picture: Michele Keilty: Campaigners hope MPs will vote for a bill to limit retaliatory evictions

By Gordon Chaston

Housing campaigners are calling on MP’s to vote on a bill to block retaliatory evictions against private renters.

The Tenancies (Reform) Bill, a private members bill introduced by Lib Dem MP Sarah Teather, hopes to delay rogue landlords from evicting tenants who request repairs. Currently landlords are able to issue Section 21 notices giving tenants two months to vacate their homes without reason.

Activists are concerned about low turn out for next Friday’s vote when MP’s are normally at their constituencies and are asking local residents to pressure them to be available and vote in favour of the bill.

Hackney Renters wrote on their website: “Of all the injustices suffered by private renters on a regular basis, being evicted for making a complaint about your home is one of the worst. Continue reading

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