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We Are What We Do, tackling obesity with healthy fast food

Tori Flower, Creative Director, We Are What We Do

Pic; Chris. Tori Flower, We Are What We Do, Creative Director

By Francis Meert and Mark Mc Donagh

We Are What We Do is a not for profit company that makes positive changes in people’s behaviour; by creating products and services that combat specific social problems, like mental health, global warming and obesity.

Based in London and San Francisco the charitable foundation believe that giving people information is not enough to make them act on it. Instead they try to facilitate sustainable behavioural change, rather than create a short term reaction because something is the ‘right thing to do’.

This is achieved by running projects that become social enterprises in their own right and we were lucky to meet We Are What We Do’s creative director Tori Flower to find out about one of their recent award winning projects Box Chicken. Continue reading

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