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Social entrepreneur Eugenie Teasley

Pic: Chris Cain. Eugenie Teasley, director, Spark+Mettle

Pic: Chris Cain. Eugenie Teasley, director, Spark+Mettle

By Chris Cain.

Eugenie Teasley, the founder and executive director of Spark+Mettle, is a passionate person whose aim is to help young people from less privileged backgrounds to flourish and fulfill their potential.

She was born and raised in Oxford and after graduating with a degree in English and media studies went on to teach same subjects in a secondary school for around two and a half years, which she loved. However she realised that she wanted to help young people outside of the academic setting.

Euginie then went to California to do a master’s in education at Berkley, which led to working for a non profit education organisation in San Francisco.

Today she lives in Brighton and set up Spark+Mettle almost 3 years ago. Speaking about running the venture she said: “There are so many great [organisations] in the social sector and it is a really exciting time to be involved in it in the UK.”

To find out more about Spark+Mettle visit their website

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