Week 4: Case studies and interviewing social enterprises

Pic: Chris Cain. Oxford Street

Pic: Chris Cain. Oxford Street

By Chris Cain


Today we started by looking at ‘case studies’, which is a more relaxed way of telling a story. They prove very useful to charities and social enterprises because they focus on either one person, or a project, within a wider story. They inform and educate the audience simply and accurately.

Our journalism tutor Glenn took us through interviewing techniques, which was extremely worthwhile as there is a lot to consider before, during and after an interview. i.e. preparation; such as your questions, journey planning, timings and the approach you take during the interview.

Our photography tutor Zoe also did something similar with regard to photography, again emphasising the importance of doing your research first, along with your writing partner, so that the images taken at the interview are appropriate and that they are in context to the wider story.

We were also joined by Poached Creative’s director Jessica Smith, who finished off the session by getting us to study some case studies and then identify what it was about, who was the main person and what the bigger picture was.

Tori Flower, Creative Director, We Are What We Do interviewed by Mark

Tori Flower, Creative Director, We Are What We Do interviewed by Mark

The group was then given different social enterprises to interview. Marco, Mark and myself teamed up to prepare to go and interview Tori Flower, the creative director of We Are What We Do. The not-for-profit behaviour change company aim is to ‘shift’ the everyday behaviour of individuals, in order to tackle major social and environmental issues.

Today we are going to see her to discuss ‘Chicken Box’, which is a project attempting to tackle the poor dietary habits of the young in London by providing healthy alternatives, especially in low income areas.

Preparation over we head off. The guys interviewed Tori ad I took some photographs. She was a great interviewee and I thought the boys did a great job and it went very well!

After lunch, while the writers were working on their interview transcripts, Zoe took us through how to use ‘Light Room’, which is an amazing piece of software designed for photographers to ‘tweak’ their images to improve the final result. I’m going to have to practice this one a lot!


We continued with Lightroom this afternoon and uploaded the photographs we took yesterday. After selecting our favourites we made some adjustments to them and after adding captions/credits we uploaded them onto the course blog.

Later, Zoe taught us about exposure compensation, ISO and the different results you can get using varying shutter speeds.

Marco and Mark met their deadline and we published a great article on We Are What We Do. It was a really great couple of days and I learnt so much. Nice one!

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